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The Michigan Women’s Historical Center has a variety of exhibits that are ready to send on the road to museums, libraries, schools, and other institutions and organizations. Below is a brief description of the most popular:

  • Creating A Community: The Early Women of Lansing - Highlighting the accomplishments of outstanding 19th-century Lansing women. Rental fee: $50/week, minimum two weeks.

  • Diversity: Women of Color in the Michigan Women's Hall of Fame - Bringing to the fore the women of color in the Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame. 20 small informational panels. Rental fee: $50/week, minimum two weeks.

  • Faster, Higher, Stronger: Michigan Women in Olympic History - The first exhibit in our state to honor Michigan's female Olympic athletes. Over the years, at least 100 women Olympians have made their home in Michigan: some born here, some training here, and some retiring here. Rental fee: $100/week, minimum four weeks.

  • Great Girls In Michigan History - This exhibit celebrates nine girls from across Michigan, including a wrestler, an activist, a writer, a pilot, and others who did amazing things before they turned twenty. Rental fee: Core Exhibit $100/week, minimum two weeks. Full Exhibit $150/week, minimum three weeks

    Ladies of the Lights: Michigan Women in the U.S. Lighthouse Service - Honoring the 50+ women who served as lighthouse keepers in Michigan. 15 large informational panels and a dress-the-keeper hands-on activity. Rental fee: $100/week, minimum four weeks.

  • Michigan Women A to Z - Celebrating the many ways - A is for Aviation, B is for Baseball, etc. - that women have contributed to the growth of our state. 26 large informational panels. Rental fee: $125/week, minimum four weeks.

  • Not Just a Man's War: Michigan Women and the Civil War - Discover what the Civil War meant for the women in Michigan, including some who moved to the frontline, serving in hospitals and even on battlefields. 1 opening banner, 6 informational panels. Rental fee: $50/week, minimum four weeks.

  • NUWARINE: Women Proud to Serve - As the last remaining all-female American Legion Post in Michigan, members of NUWARINE Post 535 offer unique perspectives on the story of women in the military.

  • Petticoat Patriots: How Michigan Women Won the Vote - Celebrating the 90th anniversary of woman suffrage, this exhibit highlights events during the 75 year fight for women's suffrage and shares the stories of more than 20 women that helped win the ballot. Rental Fee: $125/week, minimum four weeks.

  • Resourceful Women: 30 Who Worked to Preserve Michigan's Water, Woods, and Wildlife - A sampling of the many women who protected nature and the environment from 1897 to 1980. 12 large information panels and a design-a-state park magnetic activity board. Rental fee: $100/week, minimum four weeks.

  • STEMinists: Michigan Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics - This exhibit aims to combat barriers remaining to women’s equal participation in STEM fields by sharing what it means to work in STEM, the stories of successful female role models, and steps to pursue an interest in STEM. Rental fee: $125/week, minimum four weeks.

  • Women Who Dared to Lead: Michigan Women in Politics - Highlighting the accomplishments and struggles of 36 women that forged the path for women in Michigan politics. 1 opening banner, 1 timeline and 19 informational panels. Rental fee: $125/week, minimum four weeks.

Renting organizations are responsible for the transport of exhibits to and from their facilities. Exhibits must be picked up from and delivered back to the Michigan Women’s Historical Center’s warehouse by minivan, station wagon, or covered pick-up truck at the renter’s cost. For more information about exhibit content click on the exhibit title. For travel schedules and installation questions, contact Angela Riedel at or call (517) 763-2397 x202.

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